Addiction Rehabilitation Centre for drug abuse, alcoholism and gambling.

How does drug rehabilitation work at the way recovery rehabilitation center?

The Way Recovery offers a variety of specialized addiction recovery programming, such as our residential treatment program for adults. Therefore, helping individuals build a strong foundation for long-term sobriety from substance abuse. We have a facility situated in Garsfontein, Pretoria.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center 12-Step Program.

Programs duration is for 24 days. During this period, in addition, following a 6 week aftercare Outpatient Program at no additional cost. However the patient must complete the 24 days successfully. Most importantly, comprehensive residential treatment is provided for patients who need a supportive and structured atmosphere around-the-clock in order to overcome the trials that they are facing.

Helping the still suffering addict recover.

Our primary focus is to help those who are suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism, we have developed an intensive individualized program that not only helps the addict stop using their drug of choice or alcohol but with our multidisciplinary team helps the patient get to the root of the addiction which led to behavioral issues.

While participating in drug and alcohol treatment. To clarify, patients will be provided with opportunities to participate in the following therapeutic interventions:

Comprehensive residential addiction treatment:

Individual Addiction Counselling.

a) Psychologist
b) Addictions counsellor
c) Social worker
d) Life coach
e) Occupational Therapist

Group Facilitator / Addiction Counsellor.
Family Counselling.

a) Family Psychologist
b) Family Social worker

Medication Management.
12 Step Program.
Medically monitored detoxification.
Our members include the following:

• Social worker
• Addictions counsellors
• Registered life coaches
• On-site psychiatric nursing staff and enrolled nurses
• House doctor
• Counseling psychologist
• Psychiatrist
• Occupational Therapist

Primary Care Facility Outpatient Addiction Program

Intensive Outpatient Program is just one of our services we offer that operates on a small scale. Therefore it does not require the residential treatment.

what is outpatient rehabilitation services?

The IOP program offers group and individual services of 8-10 hours a week for 6 weeks between 8am and 16:00. IOP allows the individual to be able to participate in their daily affairs, such as work, going to school and then participate in treatment at our facility seven days of a week.

The intensive outpatient program encourages active participation in 12-step programs which involves Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Approach and Therapeutic Community Approach, in addition to the IOP participation that is delivered using the sought-after Matrix Model that is a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach which ensures quick and effective rehabilitation and community integration is achieved.

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Can Be Used By:

• Individuals that do not require a medical detox.

• Individuals who may not have the financial means for the inpatient program.

• Ongoing support after primary care.

• Single parents that may need to fulfil their duties.

Individual Counselling sessions are included and joint family or employer sessions when required can be done by our Addiction Team.