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Drug Addiction Rehabilitation and Treatment

Drug addiction removes the control addicts have over using despite it harming their lives. Substance abuse can start in many different ways and patients often don’t start with the intention or thought of addiction.

It could be the use of prescription medication that follows a major accident or surgery or an intention to experience a high or low to avoid daily stress, underlying fears, or impossible difficulties.

What’s common with all drug addiction is that it can easily escalate. No one has the intention to become an addict, but once the cycle takes hold, it is often too difficult to break without help.

There are several signs that a patient may need a drug rehabilitation center:

The dangers that can be avoided with drug rehab.

Drug addiction can cause withdrawal when the substance is not used regularly. This causes many to need to increase the dosage and frequency over time to dangerous levels. It’s at this point that overdose becomes likely and drug use completely controls the user.


No matter how much you are using right now, the addiction will eventually get worse, but there is a way out. Drug rehabilitation centers like The Way Recovery make recovery possible, no matter how bad your use is.

What is drug detox?

The purpose of drug detox is to clear the body of any substances. The drug detox process will help the patient safely manage withdrawal symptoms when they stop using.


This experience is different for everyone. While it is possible to detox at home, there is a greater and safer chance of success when it is done with professionals.

The Way Recovery drug rehab in Pretoria.

Our drug rehabilitation center in Pretoria has been the first point of call to many individuals and families struggling with drug addiction. Right in the heart of Gauteng, our facility offers a 24-day program that will work through the 12-step Matrix approach with a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team that is here to support you and your family members throughout the process.