Addiction Rehabilitation Centre for drug abuse, alcoholism and gambling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does The Way Recovery treat?

The Way Recovery treats adults suffering from alcohol, drug and gambling addiction. We also help with any co-occurring mental disorders that may make patients vulnerable to their addiction.

How does The Way Recovery treat addiction?

The Way Recovery uses the well-established 12-step addiction recovery program. This is a very effective peer support process. Because of how flexible the program is, it can be used to treat different types of addictions.

Does The Way Recovery offer detox?

The Way Recovery provides alcohol and drug detox when it is required. This is supported by our medical staff to ensure a safe experience. We have a fully equipped 24/7 doctor and nursing staff that can treat most of the emergencies that may occur.

Is it an in-patient programme?

Yes. The Way Recovery is an in-patient rehab with outpatient support after the 12-step recovery process is finished.

How long is the programme?

The Way Recovery offers a 24-day program with a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team that will guide you through the 12-step program.

Will I have access to phones and internet?

The Way Recovery allows patients access to Wi-Fi, cell phones and laptops at certain times during the day to stay in touch with loved ones and employers. Our facilities also offer Netflix.

Where is The Way Recovery?

We have two facilities in Pretoria. Garsfontein and Waterkloof Ridge. Both are located in lovely neighbourhoods and are close to shopping malls and hospitals.

What amenities are available?

Guests at The Way Recovery have access to a braai area, Wi-Fi and Netflix, a swimming pool and a tuck shop. Other amenities vary between our Garsfontein and Waterkloof Ridge facilities. These include pool tables and table tennis.

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