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Gambling Addiction Help and Treatment

Gambling addiction might appear to be less harmful than substance abuse, but this widespread problem can come with some serious consequences. What often starts as a form of entertainment can quickly lead to a need to win back losses or gain a significant payout. The addiction makes walking away from a losing streak seem impossible, leading to a pattern that can jeopardize financial stability, relationships and physical safety.

The signs of a gambling problem that needs help:

There is help and treatment for gambling addiction.

Gambling is a widespread problem that can cause patients to spend large amounts of money to reach a high. Addiction left untreated can lead to the spending life savings and children’s college funds and even loans that prove impossible to pay off. This is why this addiction needs to be treated as seriously as substance abuse.


To treat a gambling problem, the patient needs a space that removes them from the triggers and stressors that cause the impulse to gamble and counsellors that can walk them through the gambling rehab process.


No matter how difficult it may feel, it is possible to stabilize your life and walk away from a gambling addiction.

The Way Recovery gambling addiction treatment in Pretoria.

Our gambling treatment center in Pretoria has been the first point of call to many individuals and families struggling with gambling addiction. Right in the heart of Gauteng, our facility offers a 24-day program that will work through the 12-step Matrix approach with a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team that is here to support you and your family members throughout the process.