Why Choose A Licensed Rehabilitation Centre

Why it's Important for a Rehabilitation Centre to be Fully Licensed

Why is it important for a rehabilitation centre to be fully licensed by the Department of Social Development and the Department of Health?


Far too often do we hear in the news about rehabilitation facilities that are involved in many sorts of malpractice. We hear about death, injuries and damage done to an individual. Some might call these facilities flyby facilities or even pop-up rehabs, they do not take the necessary precautions over how to treat an individual effectively, and just try to make a quick buck, flying under the radar of the Department of Social Development & the Department of health.


These facilities that are involved in such malpractices, made no provision to uphold cleanliness in the facility that would be acceptable by the Department of Health.


Due to a lack of water, electricity and even food sources, the environment where the individual that is addicted to substances can face possible physical, mental and emotional consequences caused by the unlicensed facility.


I would just like to add that there is a difference between a fully licensed facility and a facility that is in the process of getting its license. I cannot stress this enough, remember to ask the right questions!


There are well-known treatment centres where there are 40 plus patients that must share one toilet.


Unfortunately, we live in a world where there is little to no dignity for people that are struggling with addiction, therefore you must make sure that you send your loved one or even yourself to a facility that has a pristine reputation for doing good works and helps build a solid foundation while in treatment, so that the patient can and will be able to achieve long term sobriety, and keeps his or her anonymity around work colleagues, family and friends, as it is a sensitive subject.


When I say addiction, I don’t mean just being a slave towards mind-altering substances and alcohol, but addiction in many shapes and forms – sex, drugs, alcohol and gambling are just a few prime examples.

How to find a licensed rehabilitation centre

In our field of expertise, we have found that there are few fully licensed rehabilitation facilities, that have the resources and licenses to treat a patient according to the PREVENTION OF AND TREATMENT FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE ACT, 2008 (ACT NO 70 OF 2008) and has a CERTIFICATE FOR REGISTRATION OF AN INPATIENT TREATMENT CENTRE (REGULATION 7).


There must be a particular staff concept which is called a multi-disciplinary team, that is able to handle situations regarding high- and low-profile cases involved in addiction.


To give you an overview regarding a staff concept that you should be looking at, when you are looking for a treatment centre, the facility must have a medical practice number that specifies rehabilitation and detoxification.


The process of detoxification can become very dangerous and can become fatal if not examined by a general practitioner, while professional nurses oversee the patient to ensure that the withdrawal process happens as comfortably and pain-free as possible, this must happen 24/7 around the clock. If this is not taken seriously, it can result in matters where the clients can have seizures, cardiac arrest, psychosis, and where the client becomes a danger to themselves and those around them.


If you look at non-licensed facilities, they cannot legally administer drugs. There is not any clinical staff on board, therefore, negligence becomes obvious and incompetence for care in such a facility becomes obsolete.

Touching on the general practitioners’ and professional nurses’ duties is only touching the tip of the iceberg of the staff concept as a whole.


Always make sure that you ask the correct questions when getting yourself or a loved one admitted. Coming into treatment is already a bold move. When you take that step, you want to come to a facility that is warm, caring and understanding, where your opinion matters, where your morals and values matter, and how the facility can help you achieve not just long-term sobriety but also help you recover in all areas of your life.

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