Understanding addiction and recovery

Let us today speak a little more about addiction and about the addict with the addiction problem.

Families, husbands, wives and children, please take note and read this carefully.

So, let’s start this off by me letting you in on a little secret. Well, it’s not really a secret but more of a theory. The only time we as addicts can say we are truly free from this disease called addiction is when we are put in a box and dropped in a hole covered in a dirt. Only once this has happened, then we can say we are free.


You see, I say this because quite a few people think that once rehab has been done then we are supposed to be healed. Hahahaha, that’s funny.

Journey to recovery!

You see, I say this because quite a few people think that once rehab has been done then we are supposed to be healed. Hahahaha, that’s funny.

I want to give point out a few things I have implemented in my journey to recovery that I feel has brought me this far. I believe this is why I am where I am today…


  • Ok, so first on my list would be my faith. In trying times, my faith has helped me so much and I have really learnt the essence of what it means by, “Let go and let God”. For those of you new to the fellowship, using the term “Higher power” is a wonderful start for you.


  • Now this next step is a big one in my eyes for all new comers to the fellowship of recovery. Avoid, and I mean avoid any and everything that used to be a trigger for you. Avoid driving past that petrol station you used to meet your dealer at. Certain music that you listened to when you where high. People, avoid those certain people you think or thought where your friends, whether you used with them or not. If you were always high around certain people, its probably because you couldn’t stand them when you were sober.


  • All contacts on your mobile phone or smart device or whatever like Facebook and other social media of our, “friends”, you know he ones I’m talking about. Get rid of those numbers and avoid those people at all costs.


  • Now for the tough one. If you are dating a person you used with, brake up with sed person… Married people need to make a choice, a probability of dying or a chance to live. If you have children, think about them. Maybe the reason you are using or drinking is the marriage you are in. Toxic people no matter how well you sugar coat them, are still toxic… These kinds of relationships, relationship’s where both parties are addict, relationships, are dangerous. It only takes one to fall to bring the other down.


Supporting a recovering addict

Now normies will never understand the struggle that recovering addicts face on a daily basis to just stay sober. From the time we recovering addicts wake up in the morning till the time we go to bed in the evening, we recovering addicts have battle constantly with ourselves and our thoughts.


  • The main thing all addicts and families or loves ones of recovering addicts need to know and remember is this, a recovering addict needs to know he or she can communicate with the people close to them with out feeling like they are judged. Communication is key to any recovery process.
  • Now, the next thing family members or loved ones need to know is that they need to do research into addiction. Go to some open N.A or A.A meetings to hear some other story’s or Google, Google is a wonderful thing and a special kind off tool. Research and find out all the different types of commonly used drugs and research the affects and withdrawal symptoms and such of each substance.
  • Finally, tough love. You as the family member need to be aware that tough love is a must and very important and that is meaning consequences of their actions. For example, if they have a car that you have paid for, take it away and let them work for it to earn it back. If they go to the shops for you, the correct change and slips MUST be presented, if not, they MUST be held accountable. Regarding social media, Facebook for example, sit with them and go their friends list and get rid of the people they use to drink or use with and so on and so on. Then for the first few months after recovery, if they want any access to social media, they need to do it under supervision.
  • Everything we as addicts had free access to needs to be earned back when we start recovery. Remember, recovery is hard but addiction, addiction is easy.


Now, biggest mistake family’s or loved make with addicts coming into recovery is thinking that alcohol is ok. Please note, alcohol is NOT, ok.


The biggest justification I hear in this line of work I have chosen for myself is this, I am here for drugs or gambling or sex or whatever, but they will tell that because they are only in rehab for drugs as an example, they can still leave rehab and drink.


Well, it is this precise thinking that has gotten a lot of family’s and such regretting their actions because of this thinking that alcohol is fine, its ok.

Tips on staying sober

Now to some of you, this may sound a little silly. But I promise you this, this way can and will save your life if you put it into practice. So please remember, as an addict whether you’re in recovery or not, is your worst, our worst enemy. Our minds are week and this is why we need to train our minds to positive thinking and positive ways and speak.


Another little story for you, so the one night I met my father for dinner and we started chatting about sobriety. My father asked me if I still have contact with the people from my using days and obviously, my answer was no…


Well, the no was not a lie but it is also not from a lack of trying from my side to find some of the old so called “friends”. The reasoning for this is most of them have passed on or, presumed dead. But, let me be honest by also adding that I do know of one person that is still alive and standing at a traffic light I Alberton begging for money for his next fix.


So, my friends, stay away from what can lead you back to the point of no return…


As I have said before, addiction is easy, recovery, is hard…


Now I leave you with this, life or death? Choose!


And, if you think “IT” can’t happen to you, like ending up on the streets or in a box, just remember this. There have been those before you who said the exact same thing.


Think about it…