living a good life


Today’s society has taught us to be entitled and expectant, that we need immediate gratification for our needs and desires.


As addicts/alcoholics we have learnt this form of instant gratification from the instant effects we get from our various substances.

When we take things for granted

We take almost everything for granted, particularly the fact that when we wake up we will be able to see, talk, walk and feel. In fact we take it for granted that we will even wake up.


When we go to the bathroom we expect there to be hot water and electricity to put on  the lights and boil the kettle, that we will still have a job when we get to work and that our loved ones will all still be alive and well. The list of our expectations are endless, we expect almost everything  all the time.

Secret to being happy and living a life worth living!

The problem is………………………………………………………….


Our constant expectations lead us to perpetual disappointments which cause us to be unhappy when things do not go our way or our expectations of ourselves, others or situations are not met.


If we want to learn the trick to being happy, then we will need to learn not to have all these expectations. This is not to say we should then expect the worst, because that will only end up making us anxious, but we could try to simply lower our expectations.


The thing is, if we expect nothing then everything we do get is automatically a bonus and we will become more appreciative and grateful because we will constantly be getting things that we did not expect.

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